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Alpacas needing our services, sure they do?

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Chris Dell and Emma Taylor, alpaca breeders and owners of one of the UK’s largest alpaca yarn mills, needed help to support the rapid growth of their beloved business.

East Anglia Alpaca Mill is a truly unique company, offering the only dedicated alpaca mill in the UK and likely Europe too, and is comprised of bespoke machinery sourced from all over the world.

Predominantly a service provider, Chris and Emma offer milling and spinning services to alpaca breeders worldwide, but the majority of their clients are based in the UK and Europe.

The process of milling the alpaca fleeces begins in May, where the alpacas are sheared and their fleeces are prepared for milling.

From here the fleece passes through twenty-three stages from the raw product to the finished ball of yarn, making this a large operation.

Chris and Emma first established the business after an opening in the market was created for a higher quality and quantity of yarn.

When Chris and Emma first looked at buying machinery to expand the Mill, bank exchange rates were poor, which meant they had to research their options.

Foremost Currency Group seemed like an option to explore. Emma followed this route and spoke to Tom, who offered her better rates and a seamless service from start to finish.

The benefits also included having more money left in the bank account due to the favourable exchange rates, simple no nonsense immediate information and uncomplicated explanations of services and options available with pros and cons of each.

alpacas3This was very beneficial to Chris and Emma, as it allowed them to continue to focus on the things they loves: alpacas and yarn!

Chris, Emma and the team at East Anglia Alpaca Mill are currently working on a plan for expanding the Mill, after their yarns have been consistently rated award-winning.

To further show their appreciation for the help Foremost Currency Group have given, Chris and Emma have recommended our services to other breeders. 



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