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Australian Dollar

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Here at Foremost Currency Group, we specialise in trading 22 currencies from around the world. One of the major currencies we trade is the Australian Dollar or AUD as it is known.

Looking to trade GBP/AUD or AUD/GBP?

Since 2005 we have had countless customers who have traded GBP/AUD for many reasons such as emigrating to Australia to start a new life. We have also helped those looking to return home or who wanted to send regular transfers back to family members.

Why use Foremost Currency Group for GBP/AUD?

Foremost Currency Group can offer you:
• Exchange rates better than high street banks, by buying foreign currency wholesale we are able to undercut the banks
• We have no hidden fees or commissions, as we buy live to market. The price we quote is the price you will receive
• You will have a dedicated broker, once you have setup an account with Foremost Currency Group you are given a dedicated FX broker. Your broker will be on hand to help you through every step of your journey. To read what our customers think of our FX brokers, please read visit our review website
• Your money is held in segregated client accounts for your protection. For more information of segregated client accounts, please read our security page

AUD News

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