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Investment in New Zealand

Investment in New Zealand

New Zealand welcomes overseas investment and aims to make it as attractive as possible for investors who want to invest in a country with a stable economy and political system, and a reputation for innovation.

In 2015 the World Bank rated New Zealand as the second easiest place in the world to do business and the top location for ease of starting a business. Getting money in or out of New Zealand is easy and there are very few restrictions on what you can or can’t invest in. Plus, the tax situation in New Zealand is positive for investors.

Foremost Currency Group’s knowledge of New Zealand investment and investor migration, coupled with their experience and reputation in foreign exchange, makes them ideally placed to facilitate your investments.

There are a number of different investment and business visas if you wish to enjoy all New Zealand has to offer, so it’s worth getting to know the different channels open to you. New Zealand’s business migration policies are designed to contribute to economic growth with the aim of attracting experienced business people to invest, buy or establish businesses there, and allow them to live in New Zealand permanently with their families.

Business Migration Services

There are three business visas that will either give applicants residence, or lead them to residence in New Zealand:

  • Investor Plus
  • Investor
  • Entrepreneur

Investor and Investor Plus categories are designed specifically around investment. Investor Plus is New Zealand’s premium residence policy with priority processing.

Acceptable investment for migrant investment categories

If you’re interested in combining business with lifestyle by gaining an investor visa, the opportunities you take up must fit the ‘acceptable investment’ criteria. An acceptable investment is an investment that:

  • is capable of a commercial return under normal circumstances
  • is not for the personal use of the applicant(s) e.g. your home, boat, or car
  • is invested in New Zealand in New Zealand dollars
  • is invested in lawful enterprises or managed funds that comply with all relevant laws in force in New Zealand, and
  • has the potential to contribute to New Zealand’s economy.

To be considered acceptable, an investment must also be made in either one or more of the following:

  • bonds issued by the New Zealand government or local authorities
  • bonds issued by New Zealand firms with at least a BBB- or equivalent rating from internationally recognised credit rating agencies (for example, Standard and Poor’s)
  • equity in New Zealand firms (public or private including managed funds)
  • bonds issued by New Zealand registered banks
  • equities in New Zealand registered banks
  • residential property development(s)
  • bonds in finance companies
  • eligible New Zealand venture capital funds

Your dedicated account manager, Joe Mayhew, has extensive experience and a proven track record in helping New Zealand Private and Corporate clients navigate the FX markets. Joe will work with you, understanding your investment criteria, budgets and timescales, to build a bespoke strategy to help simplify the process, mitigate FX risk and allow you to make the most of your currency.
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