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Market knowledge and expertise

With the international side of your business taking off, having access to informed expert opinion could initiate some serious savings on foreign exchange transactions. An easy win which adds welcome £’s to your bottom line.

The bank can process payments, but they aren’t proactive. We have the time and the tools to analyse ever-changing market activity, scanning for opportunities to help you maximise savings on your international payments. Opportunities that only the experts can spot.

Put our understanding of the market and wealth of experience to work on your behalf. We are well qualified to get you the very best FX rates around.

How? Our currency monitoring service provides you with up-to-the-minute market information and rate indications specific to your currencies. Stay informed – your broker provides alerts when profitable opportunities arise:

  • Whenever the market moves in your favour
  • When significant world events occur that affect currencies of interest to you
  • When your currencies reach pre-determined levels
  • On dates which coincide with your payment schedule

So you never miss out on the opportunity to trade smarter. That’s not all, your Foremost Currency Group broker can offer:

  • Currency graphs illustrating movements over a period of time
  • Currency profiles with in-depth analysis of sterling’s activity against specific currencies
  • Daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly releases of global market activity

Data that empowers your business. One-off or ongoing. Simple or complex. Whatever your FX requirements, your dedicated broker will provide a tailored service in line with your business objectives, helping you move money internationally efficiently, effectively and conveniently.

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