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Buying Property in Spain

Buying Property in Spain

Spain is one of the most popular destinations for British people moving abroad – with its warm weather, breath-taking beaches and delicious cuisine it’s not hard to see why.

Some people buy abroad and move there permanently while others opt for a holiday home for the winter months, trading the unpredictable British weather for blue skies.

Before heading across to Spain it is important to have everything set up and ready before you go. There are a number of considerations that can be overlooked when buying a home, especially if buying abroad.

Points to Consider: Buying in Spain

  1. Speak to a Currency Specialist

    Whilst you may have an idea on what your sterling budget will be – determining what your budget will equate to in euros can be trickier. Have a no obligation conversation with a currency specialist to get an idea on the tools available to you to help make the most of your currency. As experts in this field, we have a long history and experience of helping customers with their currency exchange needs when buying abroad.

  2. Research the Area

    It is hard to get a feel for a location… such as supermarkets and doctors. Feel free to use the Foremost Property Group Website to determine the regions you want to visit and to get an idea of what’s available in the area, and who to speak to, to find out more.

  3. Find a Good Estate Agent

    There is little… from beginning to end. The Foremost Property Group has thousands of accredited agents who will be happy to help you with your search. To find out more simply enquire on the properties you are interested in and a knowledgeable agent will follow up to answer all of your questions.

  4. Rent a property first

    Renting a property in Spain allows you to fully explore the area you want to move to, and really find out if you are 100% happy with your decision before committing.

  5. Get professional legal advice

    As you are heading abroad it is important to have a lawyer who not only understands Spanish property law but also understands English; this will avoid confusion and misunderstandings.

  6. Research taking your pet

    Research and find a good local vet ahead of time, so if anything were to happen you know where to head. Additionally, have all the right documentation in place such as a pet passports and vaccinations.

  7. Have your property surveyed

    Choose a reputable surveying company to check the property is in a good state of repair and there are no hidden damages before you part with your money.

  8. Buying off plan

    Economic changes can have a devastating effect on property developments and buying off plans can be risky. If you do buy off plan make sure you have thoroughly researched the building firm.

  9. Open a Spanish Bank Account

    You may want to open a Spanish bank account for the onward transfer of your euros; however, The Foremost Currency Group are authorised as an e-money institution. This higher level of security means that we are allowed to hold client funds until they are ready to be transferred so there is no rush in getting the Spanish bank account open!

  10. Prepare a Spanish Will

    Have a Spanish Will created by a professional company that understands both Spanish and English; this will lessen the chances of misunderstandings and ensure your property and belongings are taken care of.

Thinking about Buying Property in Spain?

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