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Canadian Dollar strengthens


Richard Beaumont - Canadian Dollar strengthensWritten by:
Richard Beaumont
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Today we have seen the Canadian Dollar strengthen against its counterparts, making it a lot more expensive to buy the Loonie.

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GBP/CAD exchange rate graph

Screen Shot 2017-02-10 at 15.53.41

Employment figures Boost the Loonie

Today’s Canadian employment numbers gave the Loonie a well needed boost. After a previous decline in employment of -10.1K, this month’s figures showed a positive 48.3k and a fall in unemployment from 6.9 to 6.8%.

This caused the rates to fall away throughout the afternoon. The GBP/CAD exchange rates, having climbed following the UK manufacturing figures, fell almost two points into the 1.62’s.

Canadian Dollar crosses

It wasn’t just Sterling that fell away against the Loonie today. The USD/CAD rates fell from highs over 1.3150 to lows of around 1.3050. EUR/CAD also saw rates decline from over 1.40 to lows of 1.388.

With up and coming election in Europe and newly elected Trump in the US, it is likely to be very volatile in both USD and EUR crosses for some time to come.

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