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Central Bank Rate Decisions Prompt GBP/EUR Volatility

Written by Alastair Archbold on Friday, December 15, 2017. Currency News - Sterling / EUR

Pound News: GBP Fluctuates in Wake of BoE Rate Decision After strengthening overnight following the defeat of Theresa May’s Brexit bill, the Pound (GBP) was able to further extend its gains yesterday morning as the UK released some upbeat retail sales figures Data released by the ONS revealed that sales growth surged from 0.5% to…(read more)

US Dollar (USD) Holds Steady in Run up to Fed Rate Decision

Written by James Spurway on Wednesday, December 13, 2017. Currency News - Sterling / EUR - Sterling / USD

Pound News: GBP Fluctuates as Inflation Rises The Pound (GBP) was met by further volatility on Tuesday following a surprise uptick in the UK’s latest inflation figures. While some analysts were optimist on the chances of another rise in inflation prompting a response from the Bank of England (BoE), many investors feared it would place…(read more)

GBP/EUR Volatile as Brexit Agreement Finalised

Written by David Bayliss on Tuesday, December 12, 2017. Currency News - Sterling / EUR

Last week’s high: €1.1499 Last week’s low: €1.1281 Pound Fluctuates as Brexit Talks Look Set to Move to the Second Stage The GBP/EUR exchange rate saw considerable fluctuations last week as the UK finally reached an agreement over the terms of its exit from the EU. However, the path to the agreement was not without…(read more)

Crunch Time for GBP/USD – Fed Rate Decision and EU Summit Ahead

Written by Arron Morris on Tuesday, December 12, 2017. Currency News - Sterling / USD

Yesterday’s high: $1.3522 Yesterday’s low: $1.3339 Brexit Deal Leaves Sterling Volatile Last week saw the Pound fluctuate wildly against the US Dollar in response to the changing pace of Brexit discussions. A last minute exit deal was struck on Friday, but concerns that trade talks could still be a long time coming left GBP struggling….(read more)

GBP/NZD Trading Lower after RBNZ News

Written by Joe Mayhew on Tuesday, December 12, 2017. Currency News - Sterling / NZD

Yesterday’s high: NZ$1.9767 Yesterday’s low: NZ$1.9377 New Zealand Dollar Soars as the RBNZ gets a New Governor Brexit news kept the Pound to New Zealand Dollar exchange rate on its toes last week, while an absence of influential data for New Zealand meant that the South Pacific currency was mostly reacting to global economic developments…(read more)

GBP/AUD Slips from Highs on Brexit Uncertainty

Written by James Baxter on Tuesday, December 12, 2017. Currency News - Sterling / AUD

Last week’s high: AU$1.7988 Last week’s low: AU$1.7493 Fluctuating Risk-Sentiment Limits Australian Dollar Strength The Pound to Australian Dollar exchange rate did advance last week, but its gains were limited by market uncertainty about the second phase of Brexit negotiations and potential delays to trade talks. The first phase of talks finally reached a conclusion…(read more)

Canadian Dollar Falls from Last Week’s Best Levels

Written by Mr R Beaumont on Tuesday, December 12, 2017. Currency News - Sterling / CAD

Last week’s high: C$1.7371 Last week’s low: C$1.6922 GBP/CAD Sheds Gains The Pound to Canadian Dollar exchange rate recorded notable gains last week as the Pound benefitted from news that the first phase of Brexit negotiations had ended in an exit deal, while the Canadian Dollar was weakened by a cautious tone from the Bank…(read more)

Brexit Deadline Looms, GBP Fluctuates

Written by Jimi Boake on Friday, December 8, 2017. Currency News - Sterling / EUR

Pound News: GBP Volatile as Brexit Fears Remain The Pound (GBP) was met by further volatility on Thursday as Brexit uncertainty continued to hound the currency. With Theresa May already scrabbling to salvage a border agreement between the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland, further pressure was placed on GBP as the EU imposed a…(read more)

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