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Currency News - EUR

GBP/EUR Rides the Brexit Rollercoaster

Written by Alastair Archbold on Monday, November 26, 2018. Currency News - Sterling / EUR

Last week’s high: €1.1210 Last week’s low: €1.1317 EUR Hit by Disappointing Data and Brexit Optimism The Euro started the week off on a strong footing against the Pound following the previous week’s Brexit related chaos but that all changed on Tuesday when GBP/EUR slumped down to €1.12. The situation was soon reversed, however, when…(read more)

Political Declaration of UK-EU Brexit Agreement Supports Sterling, Euro Investors Anticipate PMIs

Written by Adam Wiffen on Friday, November 23, 2018. Currency News - Sterling / EUR

Pound News: Hopes for UK-EU Trade Deal Bolster Sterling The perceived chances of a worst-case scenario ‘no-deal’ Brexit lessened slightly on Thursday, as leaders from the UK and EU made a political declaration that a Brexit agreement had been agreed in principle. The declaration of the future UK-EU relationship bolstered hopes that the UK and…(read more)

EU Rejects Italy’s Budget Plan Again, Global Risk-Sentiment Rises

Written by Arron Morris on Thursday, November 22, 2018. Currency News - Sterling / EUR

Pound News: UK Political Uncertainties Limit Sterling Strength As UK Prime Minister Theresa May headed to Brussels to begin the finalisation of the UK-EU Brexit deal, the Pound remained volatile in what was generally an uneventful day for the British currency. Concerns persist however that there may not be enough support for May’s Brexit plan…(read more)

UK-EU Brexit Deal Still Lacks Domestic Support, US-China Trade Jitters Return

Written by David Worthington on Wednesday, November 21, 2018. Currency News - Sterling / EUR

Pound News: Sterling Left Unappealing as DUP Indicates it will not Support Prime Minister’s Brexit The Pound’s volatility persisted yesterday, seeing mixed movement against major rivals as a lack of Brexit news failed to give it direction. Attempts at recovery by Sterling were dampened by news that Northern Ireland’s Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) would likely…(read more)

GBP/EUR Sees Dramatic Drop as Ministers Push Back Against Brexit Plan

Written by David Bayliss on Monday, November 19, 2018. Currency News - Sterling / EUR

Last week’s high: €1.1549 Last week’s low: €1.1254 Brexit Uncertainty Weighs Heavily on GBP/EUR Exchange Rate When news broke that the UK and EU had reached an agreement regarding Brexit on Tuesday evening the GBP/EUR exchange rate strengthened. However, Brexit Secretary Dominic Raab’s decision to resign in protest against the deal saw both the Pound…(read more)

Pound Plummets on UK Political Chaos while Australian Dollar Surges on Strong Job Stats

Written by Jack Wiles on Friday, November 16, 2018. Currency News - Sterling / EUR

Pound News: UK Minister Resignations Worsen Political and Brexit Uncertainties The UK and EU finally confirming a date for an emergency Brexit summit to finalise the negotiated Brexit deal was more than overshadowed by political issues in Britain on Thursday as several ministers resigned in protest at the UK-EU Brexit deal. What’s more, fears rose…(read more)

Sterling Volatility Intensifies with UK-EU Brexit Deal Finally in Sight

Written by Joe Mayhew on Thursday, November 15, 2018. Currency News - Sterling / EUR

Pound News: Uncertainties around Cabinet Support for Brexit Deal Leave Pound Volatile Sterling volatility has surged this week, as developments in the Brexit process finally appear imminent but uncertainty still persists regarding what direction things may head in. Fears that an agreement could still be blocked by UK Parliament and lead to a no-deal Brexit…(read more)

Pound Rebounds on Hopes for Brexit Deal This Week, Italian Political Jitters Hit Euro

Written by Tom Taylor on Wednesday, November 14, 2018. Currency News - Sterling / EUR

Pound News: Could Brexit Deal be reached in the Coming Days? Despite broad uncertainties about whether or not a UK-EU Brexit deal would even be able to pass through Parliament, hopes that negotiators may finally reach a deal over the coming sessions bolstered Pound support yesterday. Investors were also more willing to buy the Pound…(read more)

Brexit Reports Cause Pound Volatility, Italy Budget Concerns Worsen

Written by Michael Vaughan on Tuesday, November 13, 2018. Currency News - Sterling / EUR

Pound News: Mixed Brexit Reports Leave Pound Weaker The Pound saw mixed movement on Monday, as separate Brexit reports left investors unsure how likely the chances of a ‘no-deal Brexit’ were becoming. The BBC reported that there was a lack of confidence within UK Prime Minister Theresa May’s government that her Brexit plan would succeed….(read more)

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