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GBP/CAD Exchange Rate Surges on Brexit Optimism

Written by Alastair Archbold on Monday, November 5, 2018. Currency News - Sterling / CAD

Last week’s high: C$1.7037 Last week’s low: C$1.6661 Pound Soars on Reports of Brexit Progress The Pound Canadian Dollar exchange rate was left in the doldrums throughout the first half of last week’s session as renewed Brexit uncertainty and stronger-than-expected Canadian GDP figures drove the pairing close to a one-month low However the second half…(read more)

Brexit Financial Services Hope Boosts Sterling, US Dollar Plunges as Safe Haven Demand Fades

Written by David Bayliss on Friday, November 2, 2018. Currency News - Sterling / EUR

Pound News: Sterling Surges on Brexit Speculation despite Weaker UK Manufacturing Thursday was a busy day for the Pound, as a report indicating that the UK and EU had almost agreed to a sweeping deal on financial services post-Brexit led to a surge in demand for the British currency. The deal would reportedly be finalised…(read more)

Pound Rebounds from Recent Weakness, Euro Limp on Mixed Eurozone Data

Written by Jack Wiles on Thursday, November 1, 2018. Currency News - Sterling / EUR

Pound News: Sterling Rebounds Ahead of Bank of England (BoE) Decision Investors spent most of Wednesday’s session buying back the Pound after many recent sessions of losses. There was little drive behind the Pound’s gains besides investors buying the currency back up from its lows. Anxiety about the possibility of a ‘no-deal’ Brexit persisted and…(read more)

Pound Selloff Continues on Fresh Brexit Fears, Euro Rallies

Written by Joe Mayhew on Wednesday, October 31, 2018. Currency News - Sterling / EUR

Pound News: Soft Brexit Options Thin as Norway Rejects ‘Norway for Now’ Brexit Idea One popular idea for a UK-EU Brexit agreement among UK politicians was the idea that the UK could remain within the European Economic Area following the Brexit process until a more sweeping free trade deal had been finalised. However, this ‘Norway…(read more)

Brexit Fears Overpower Budget News, Merkel Announces She Will Step Down in 2021

Written by Tom Taylor on Tuesday, October 30, 2018. Currency News - Sterling / EUR

Pound News: Brexit Fears Keep Lid on Pound Despite Optimistic UK Budget During the 2018 Autumn Budget presentation yesterday UK Chancellor Philip Hammond generally adopted an optimistic tone about the Government’s spending outlook and fiscal policy plans. The government also revised domestic growth forecasts higher in spite of ongoing Brexit concerns. Investors are anxious that…(read more)

Political Turmoil and Canada Rate Hike Causes GBP/CAD to Plummet

Written by Alastair Archbold on Monday, October 29, 2018. Currency News - Sterling / CAD

Last week’s high: C$1.7131 Last week’s low: C$1.6731 Pound to Canadian Dollar Exchange Rate Slumps Two Cents on Brexit Jitters Low levels of risk sentiment limited CAD strength on Friday, but the Pound to Canadian Dollar exchange rate still saw significant losses throughout the week. For most of the week, GBP/CAD moved lower due to…(read more)

GBP/AUD Volatility Ahead on Autumn Budget Announcement

Written by Alastair Archbold on Monday, October 29, 2018. Currency News - Sterling / AUD

Last week’s high: AU$1.8445 Last week’s low: AU$1. Higher Brexit Tensions Caused GBP/AUD Losses The Pound fell to a monthly low against the Australian Dollar last week, with growing fears about a no-deal Brexit result draining GBP trader confidence. News that the government intends to prepare for a no-deal Brexit in November rattled GBP traders,…(read more)

GBP/EUR Sinks Lower as Brexit Anxieties Continue to Bite

Written by Michael Vaughan on Monday, October 29, 2018. Currency News - Sterling / EUR

Last week’s high: €1.1372 Last week’s low:  €1.1260 Ongoing Brexit Tension Sees GBP/EUR under Pressure The Pound continued to fall against the Euro last week as it became clear that no Brexit deal was in the pipeline and that the UK government would begin preparing for a ‘no-deal’ scenario in November. At the same time,…(read more)

Pound US Dollar Falters in the Face of Solid US Growth

Written by Arron Morris on Monday, October 29, 2018. Currency News - Sterling / USD

Last week’s high: $1.3087 Last week’s low: $1.2782 Solid Third Quarter US Growth Weighs down GBP/USD Exchange Rate A better-than-expected third quarter US gross domestic product reading helped to keep the GBP/USD exchange rate on the back foot on Friday. Even though the annualised growth rate slowed from 4.2% to 3.5% this was still a…(read more)

Sterling Downtrodden on Brexit Fears, Slight Euro Relief on ECB’s Neutral Tone

Written by Alastair Archbold on Friday, October 26, 2018. Currency News - Sterling / EUR

Pound News: Fears that ‘No-Deal Brexit’ Could Be Reality Leave Sterling Stumbling While UK Prime Minister Theresa May’s speech to the 1922 Committee was seen as a success and she has (for now) avoided a fresh leadership challenge, other considerable Brexit uncertainties kept the Pound falling yesterday. Investors kept selling the Pound amid news that the…(read more)

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