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CAD exchange rates effected by oil price recovery

The Canadian economy, along with other commodities reliant countries have been suffering for some time with the low oil and energy prices. Oil is Canada’s largest export and since the price of oil has dropped below $28 a barrel in January, the price of the Loonie fell against its counterparts making it cheaper to buy.

For the first time this year however, we have seen Brent Crude Oil break through the $40 a barrel mark, peaking at $40.83. This rise, along with a many other commodities such as iron, copper and aluminium, can be attributed to the on going talks between oil producing countries, in an effort to slow the glut in production and stem the crisis.

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Data and events moving the CAD exchange rates

It has been a quiet start to the week with regards to data with only some minor economic figures out effecting the price of the Canadian Dollar. This however has not stopped the exchange rates moving around. The recovery in oil prices, the Chinese trade numbers and the on going questions about the UK’s EU membership causing the rates fluctuate between just above 1.87 to just below 1.91.

Looking at the rest of the week, things are heating up as we have some very important data from Canada that could effect the amount you pay for your currency. We kick tomorrow off with the latest interest rate decision from Canada, accompanied by the rate statement. It is widely expected for the BoC to leave rates on hold but a reduction is not entirely off the negotiating table. Any movement on this would cause a large change in the price of the Loonie.

From the US we have the latest Crude Oil Inventories. Although not from Canada, it can have a profound effect on the Loonie’s price as they are so reliant on its exports.

After some minor house price data on Thursday, Friday will see the release of Canadian employment change and the unemployment rate. These will give a good indication of the health of the high street and consumer spending figures. They are both forecast to show positive figures at 10.2K and 7.2% respectively.

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CAD exchange rates

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