Canadian Manufacturing continues to drag the Loonie down

Canadian Manufacturing bringing the Loonie down

Monday bought further woes to the Canadian Dollar as the latest round of manufacturing data was released. Canada has been on the back foot recently and  although low Oil and energy prices have been the main cause of the loony’s decline, the Manufacturing sector has been adding to the countries woes.

The figures were forecast to show expansion of around 0.3%. This would have been a welcome respite for the Loonie as their manufacturing sector has been lagging recently. Sadly, for those of you looking to sell your Canadian Dollars, it was a disappointing result as it missed the forecast, actually showing a decline of 1.5%.

GBP/CAD graph

Canadian Manufacturing

UK Inflation remains low

After a poor day for Canada yesterday, the GBP/CAD exchange rates were rising into the 2.03 levels nicely and looked to continue to new highs. Today sterling’s march was stopped abruptly when the latest UK inflation figures were released.

The latest figures showed the UK is still in negative inflation with the latest numbers matching the previous months figure of -0.1%. This may have had a larger than normal effect, as it is still up for debate as to when the Bank of England will raise interest rates. This being one of the most important inflation figures, they are watched very closely and can have a large effect on the exchange rates.

Looking ahead

Looking at the rest of the week, there are a couple of influential pieces of data that could move the exchange rates further. The main releases for the GBP/CAD cross over the rest of the week are UK retail sales, along with wholesale sales from Canada on Thursday.

We end the week with some minor data from the UK, in the form of Public sector net borrowing but the most important releases will be from Canada. The afternoon will bring both Core CPI numbers and Core Retail sales from Canada.

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