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GBP-CAD Forecast April 2016

After the Sterling to Canadian Dollar exchange rates fell away at the end of last week, the GBP-CAD forecast has improved with exchange rates moving from lows of around 1.85 to highs of 1.8670, over the course of the days trading.

With little surprises in today’s data there was little to drive the exchange rates upwards and this was more a correction after last weeks falls. The UK Constructions PMI data came out at 54.2, showing mild growth as predicted. There was also a speech by BoC Gov Poloz, but this was to discuss a woman being on the next bank note, so will have given little clue as to the health of the Canadian economy.

To put today’s movements into perspective, a typical purchase of $200,000 CAD would cost you around £1000 less this afternoon than the same trade this morning. This just highlights how volatile the currency markets can be and the importance of staying in close contact with your account manager, to keep up to date with the exchange rate movements.

GBP/CAD graph

GBP-CAD Forecast

Data effecting exchange rates

Looking at the data being released this week, there is plenty coming out that could change the amount you pay for your currency. Any sort of political or economical events or data can move the exchange rates dramatically.

If you are buying or selling Canadian Dollars, there are several key pieces of data to watch out for this week. Tomorrow we have the latest Trade Balance figures. These will be closely watched as Canada has been suffering at the hands of the record low oil prices recently and growing competition from Mexico’s manufacturing sector. It is forecast to show a positive 0.9Bn which would strengthen the Loonie, making it more expensive to buy.

There is also a speech by Gov Council Member Wilkins, where he will discuss the issues surrounding China and how they may effect the Canadian economy.

Wednesday and Thursday we have some minor data in the form of IVEY PMI and building permits. Friday will have a little more weight behind it as we see the latest employment change and the Unemployment Rate.

Getting the best exchange rate

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