GBPCHF volatility

During September we witnessed an unusual amount of volatility on GBPCHF due to a number of reasons. The Scottish referendum played its role, sparking wide swings. GBPCHF traded between 1.4900 and 1.5500, which is over a 4% move! With the rate starting to consolidate and heading down towards 1.5300, CHF buyers, if they haven’t already, should be looking to secure their currency sooner rather than later. Although GBP remains strong, it’s widely expected that interest rates will be rising but not until the middle of 2015. Have we witnessed the majority of this year’s gains for the pound? When we do see an interest rate hike will it be already priced in to the market? Should you have a currency requirement, please feel free to get in touch with Sam Edmanson on 01442 892063 or email [email protected]