Sharp drop for the GBP/CAD rates

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Sharp drop for the GBP/CAD exchange rates

Today there was another sharp drop for the GBP/CAD exchange rates, after the final data releases of the week.

This has made the Loonie more expensive to buy as it gained ground against a basket of major currencies.

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It was an important day for the Canadian Dollar as we had the latest Core CPI data and Core Retail sales. Both the Bank of Canada and traders alike will pay close attention to the Core CPI reading and this tends to have a large effect on the markets.

The CPI was forecast for a positive 0.4% But the retail Sales were less optimistic with a negative -0.8% forecast.

The actual figures came in at +0.7% and +0.2% respectively. This caused the GBP/CAD exchange rates to fall dramatically as markets reacted.

This was great news for the Canadian economy as it shows both inflation and the health of the high street are improving.


Sharp drop for the GBP/CAD rates

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When should I buy my currency?

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For anyone looking to sell Canadian Dollars in the near future, you would have to be very brave to ignore the movement in your favour. So far this year we have seen it move well over 10% and there is no guaranty it will stay as low as it is.

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