Canada lowers interest rates

GBP/CAD over 2.0 after Canada lowers interest rates The Sterling to Canadian Dollar cross has already had a good run this week with exchange rates climbing dramatically. Today we saw them rise further as the Bank of Canada Governor, Stephen Poloz, announced they have cut its interest rates from 0.75% to 0.5%, slashing the countries economic … Read more Canada lowers interest rates

Canadian Dollar starts the week on a downward trend

Loonie starts on downward trend This week we kick things off with some important data from Canada. This was in the form of Canadian Manufacturing Sales which came in well below forecast and started the Loonie on a downward trend. The Figure were forecast to show a decline of -1.3% but when the actual numbers … Read more Canadian Dollar starts the week on a downward trend

Moving money to Canada

Getting the best rates when moving money to Canada If you are moving money to Canada there are a number of factors you should take into consideration. The Foremost Currency Group can help guide you through the process and ensures you are getting very competitive exchange rates, making the most of your money, within your timescales. … Read more Moving money to Canada

Buying Canadian Dollars

16th March 2015 What will move exchange rates this week The Sterling to Canadian Dollar exchange rates have stayed below 1.90 after the fall at the end of last week. This week we are likely to test these levels as there are several pieces of influential data and events this week, which could affect he exchange rates. … Read more Buying Canadian Dollars

Global growth forecast and GBP/CAD exchange rates

Large movements in the currency markets After the shock of the SNB’s unpegging of the Swiss franc from the euro on Thursday last week, the currency markets saw some of the largest recorded one-day movements – with the volatility exacerbated by the Swiss central bank’s decision to lower interest rates on deposits to -0.75%. The news … Read more Global growth forecast and GBP/CAD exchange rates

Canadian dollar rallies

Canadian dollar rallies after BoC statement Yesterday the Bank of Canada (BoC) kept its interest rates on hold, meaning the benchmark has now stayed at 1% since September 2010. This is the longest period rates have been on hold for over 60 years. However, despite this news the Canadian dollar rallied against a basket of major … Read more Canadian dollar rallies

Canadian building permits strengthen currency

Canadian Building Permits improve It has been a big day for the GBP/CAD cross with some very important announcements from both sides of the cross. After yesterdays Sterling rally, we started the day with the Sterling to Canadian Dollar rates trading above 1.820. First thing we had the interest rate decision from the Bank of England. … Read more Canadian building permits strengthen currency

Bank of Canada ends forward guidance

GBP/CAD exchange rates flat despite heavy data releases Despite a busy week as far as data goes, last weeks trading remained fairly flat throughout. We had an interest rate decision from both the Bank of England and Canada, which both decided to leave them on hold for another month running. Retail sales from both sides of … Read more Bank of Canada ends forward guidance

Volatile Trading for Canadian Dollar

As you will see from the graphs below, it has been a choppy weeks trading for the GBP/CAD cross. In today’s report we will look at what has caused these movements and where the exchange rates are heading. Volatile trading for the GBP/CAD exchange rates So far this week from the UK we have seen … Read more Volatile Trading for Canadian Dollar