UK Inflation at 5 year low

Despite a Bank holiday in Canada on Monday, it has been a very eventful week so far. In today’s report we will look at where the GBP/CAD exchange rates have headed and what has caused these movements. Poor UK inflation data causes doubt over interest rate rise They say what goes up, must come down … Read more UK Inflation at 5 year low

Service sector effecting rates

Service sector drags the Pound down Today we have some very influential data being released from both side of the GBP/CAD cross. So far this week the main releases from Sterling have been Manufacturing and construction data. These and the Services sector give a very good and accurate indication of economic activity. Anything above 50.0 indicates expansion … Read more Service sector effecting rates

Scottish independence vote causing volatity

Sterling to Canadian Dollar exchange rate movements and the Scottish independence vote Over the past few weeks there has been several events causing a great deal of volatility in the markets. We have seen the GBP/CAD exchange rates moving from highs of around 1.8220 to lows of 1.7570. To put these movements into real terms, … Read more Scottish independence vote causing volatity

Mixed messages from Governor Carney

BoE Governor’s comments cause confusion Last week the pound fell away against the Canadian Dollar among other counterparts. This was due to the Governor of the Bank of England, Mark Carney suggesting there would be no chance of an interest rate rise before the end of 2014. However, in an interview on Sunday, he contradicted himself somewhat by saying the … Read more Mixed messages from Governor Carney