GBP/AUD touches $2

Pound rises as rate cut speculation mounts Australian unemployment data released on Thursday has further compounded the Aussie dollar’s woes, pushing the pound up towards AUD$2 – levels not seen for just over five years. The Aussie has weakened significantly over the last few months, also dropping to a five and a half year low against the … Read more GBP/AUD touches $2

GBP/AUD Settles Around 1.95

GBP/AUD Trades Flat The dust seems to have settled after the interest rate cut announced by the Reserve Bank of Australia last Tuesday, with GBP/AUD settling around 1.95, not far off a five and a half year high. The graph below shows GBP/AUD movement over the last 7 days, with the reaction from the interest … Read more GBP/AUD Settles Around 1.95

GBP/AUD moves towards $1.88

GBP/AUD rises after US and Chinese data The Australian dollar continued its recent decline on Monday as weaker then expected Chinese data, coupled with better than expected US data on Friday, saw a sell-off of the Australian currency. Their dollar has now lost over ten cents to the US unit over the last two months … Read more GBP/AUD moves towards $1.88