CAD exchange rates

Written by: Richard Beaumont T: 01442 892 060 CAD exchange rates effected by oil price recovery The Canadian economy, along with other commodities reliant countries have been suffering for some time with the low oil and energy prices. Oil is Canada’s largest export and since the price of oil has dropped below $28 a barrel in January, the price of the … Read more CAD exchange rates

Manufacturing disappointing for Sterling

We have seen a great deal of volatility over the past week in the GBP/CAD exchange rates and it does not look like that is changing any time soon. Sterling to Canadian Dollar rates have been trading between 2.045 and 2.075 over the last seven days. To put this into real terms, a typical transfer of … Read more Manufacturing disappointing for Sterling

GBP/CAD at new highs as stocks crash

GBP/CAD at new highs We start the week with a very volatile day in the currency market on Monday, with 2% swings in the exchange rates appearing the norm. With global commodities and share prices in apparent free fall due to a China sell off, the currency markets are showing the effects as well. This has weighed … Read more GBP/CAD at new highs as stocks crash

A confident Merkel

Written by Adam Wiffen Currency Broker [email protected] German Chancellor Angela Merkel has returned yesterday from her summer holidays confident that a deal can be made with Greece. She has said that it is more than likely that the IMF (international Monetary Fund) will join Greece’s Third bailout.   IMF chief Christine Lagarde has welcomed the … Read more A confident Merkel

GBP/AUD breaks key $1.90 level

GBP/AUD touches 11 month high The Australian dollar hit an 11 month low against sterling and a fresh 4 year low against the US dollar on Friday, as comments in an interview given by the governor of the Reserve Bank of Australia sent the Aussie down against its main counterparts. In the wake of these comments, the … Read more GBP/AUD breaks key $1.90 level

Canadian dollar rallies

Canadian dollar rallies after BoC statement Yesterday the Bank of Canada (BoC) kept its interest rates on hold, meaning the benchmark has now stayed at 1% since September 2010. This is the longest period rates have been on hold for over 60 years. However, despite this news the Canadian dollar rallied against a basket of major … Read more Canadian dollar rallies