Sterling stages a recovery, but will it last?

Written by: Alastair Archbold FX Manager T: 01442 892 066 The Pound staged a modest recovery during yesterday’s trading session, rising from €1.13 to €1.1390. The catalyst for the move higher was the release of the latest UK inflation figure, rising to almost 3% in the biggest jump in 4 years. Usually higher inflation would … Read more Sterling stages a recovery, but will it last?

CAD exchange rates

Written by: Richard Beaumont T: 01442 892 060 CAD exchange rates effected by oil price recovery The Canadian economy, along with other commodities reliant countries have been suffering for some time with the low oil and energy prices. Oil is Canada’s largest export and since the price of oil has dropped below $28 a barrel in January, the price of the … Read more CAD exchange rates

GBP/AUD Rises After UK Election

GBP/AUD Trading in 1.96’s The pound has performed well over the last week as the surprise outcome of the UK general election has been seen by investors as a positive for the UK economy. Love them or hate them, the Tories have done a reasonable job of dragging the UK out of the global recession, … Read more GBP/AUD Rises After UK Election

Sterling loses ground to the Euro

Due to a lack of any data releases from both the UK and Eurozone yesterday any significant movements in rates would depend on the US figures being released in the afternoon and this was the case when the US posted worse than expected figures for both building permits and unemployment claims. The poor data resulted … Read more Sterling loses ground to the Euro

GBP/AUD Falls After Federal Reserve Minutes

GBP/AUD Drops Towards 1.90 The Aussie has performed well against sterling over the last few days as inconclusive minutes from the Federal Reserve’s latest policy meeting provided no insight as to when the US central bank would look to tighten policy. As a result, investors have flocked to the Aussie dollar in search of guaranteed … Read more GBP/AUD Falls After Federal Reserve Minutes

GBP/EUR struggles to break through 1.38

Thursday 5th March 2015 GBP/EUR struggles to break through 1.38 Yesterday saw GBP/EUR rates test the 1.38 level for the 5th time in only a week. However, as with its earlier efforts the pound struggled to break through the 1.38 mark and more importantly failed to maintain the ground it made. The pound also lost … Read more GBP/EUR struggles to break through 1.38

Volatile week for GBP/AUD

Pound rises from AUD$1.96 to mid $1.98s It’s been a particularly volatile week for GBP/AUD with the pound dropping from AUD $2.00 to $1.96 and then climbing back up to $1.9820 (at the time of writing). The graph below shows sterling/aussie movement over the last 7 days. GBP/AUD   The release on Tuesday of the Reserve … Read more Volatile week for GBP/AUD

GBP/AUD drops ahead of RBA announcement

Pound falls into AUD$1.92s It was a fairly quiet start to the week on Monday, with no significant data from either country affecting rates. The subdued trading could be interpreted as the quiet before the storm, with Tuesday’s announcement from the RBA expected to reveal the direction of monetary policy in Australia for the first half of … Read more GBP/AUD drops ahead of RBA announcement

GBP/AUD jumps to $1.86

GBP/AUD rises after Bank of Canada cuts interest rate It’s been a fairly volatile week for GBP/AUD with better Chinese data lifting the Australian dollar earlier in the week, only for it to be dealt a blow after the Bank of Canada cut its interest rate on Wednesday – forcing the Australian currency lower as investors pulled … Read more GBP/AUD jumps to $1.86

GBP/AUD falls to mid $1.80s

Aussie dollar benefits from European turmoil The Australian dollar has now gained six cents against the pound over the last month, as problems in the Eurozone help push GBP/AUD lower. Both the antipodean dollars have benefitted from these issues, as investors seek higher yielding assets. Low oil prices have also had a positive knock-on effect … Read more GBP/AUD falls to mid $1.80s