Buying Canadian Dollars

16th March 2015 What will move exchange rates this week The Sterling to Canadian Dollar exchange rates have stayed below 1.90 after the fall at the end of last week. This week we are likely to test these levels as there are several pieces of influential data and events this week, which could affect he exchange rates. … Read more Buying Canadian Dollars

Mixed messages from Governor Carney

BoE Governor’s comments cause confusion Last week the pound fell away against the Canadian Dollar among other counterparts. This was due to the Governor of the Bank of England, Mark Carney suggesting there would be no chance of an interest rate rise before the end of 2014. However, in an interview on Sunday, he contradicted himself somewhat by saying the … Read more Mixed messages from Governor Carney

Interest rate doubts cause Sterling weakness

Less chance of an imminent interest rate hike causes pound to fall Over the last few months there has been growing speculation that the BoE will have to raise interest rates in the UK to keep the housing market in check. Although it was said to be the last line of defence in the Bank of … Read more Interest rate doubts cause Sterling weakness