Will Britain leave the EU?

Written by: Richard Beaumont T: 01442 892 060 E: [email protected] What is moving the rates this week This week there is plenty of influential data being released that could move the exchange rates dramatically. The headlines, however, have been dominated by the news of a possible British exit from the EU, as David Cameron has announced the referendum will … Read more Will Britain leave the EU?

GBP/AUD Falls as Stock Markets Rally

James Baxter Senior Currency Broker T: 01442 892 062 E: [email][email protected][/email] GBP/AUD Drops as AUD Strengthens The Australian dollar has strengthened over the last few days as the global stock market rally has improved risk appetite, with investors moving away from traditional safe-havens and into higher yielding currencies; the Aussie dollar being one of them. … Read more GBP/AUD Falls as Stock Markets Rally

Manufacturing disappointing for Sterling

We have seen a great deal of volatility over the past week in the GBP/CAD exchange rates and it does not look like that is changing any time soon. Sterling to Canadian Dollar rates have been trading between 2.045 and 2.075 over the last seven days. To put this into real terms, a typical transfer of … Read more Manufacturing disappointing for Sterling