What is moving exchange rates?

Canadian Dollar trading range bound The Sterling to Canadian Dollar exchange rates have been trading within a point range today, between 1.72 to 1.73, mid-market. With a bank holiday today in Canada, all movements are off the back of news and events from overseas. GBP-CAD graph Canadian data moving exchange rates It is a quiet … Read more What is moving exchange rates?

Canadian Dollar round up

Canadian Dollar round up After another volatile week for the Sterling to Canadian Dollar cross last week, we could be in for more fluctuations in the GBP-CAD exchange rates. We started this week trading around 1.72 mid market. This rapidly rose Monday morning to highs of 1.7335 before lunch time. This was mainly due to … Read more Canadian Dollar round up

CAD cheaper to buy

Written by: Richard Beaumont T: 01442 892 060 CAD cheaper to buy despite poor UK figures So far this week we have seen the pound fall against most major currencies but the sterling to Canadian dollar exchange rates have been the exception. In today’s report, we will look at what is causing both the exchange … Read more CAD cheaper to buy