A week of PMI data for GBP/CHF

A week of PMI data for GBP/CHF The UK was the main driver this week between the two economies with the Swiss economy fairly thin on the ground in terms of data releases. We had construction, services and manufacturing PMI from the UK, with only construction improving on forecasts posting a revised figure of 55.9. … Read more A week of PMI data for GBP/CHF

A Look at the Major Currency Pairs

The major currency pairs were largely range-bound yesterday after the release of a number of important economic figures. Many have been awaiting a Greek crisis where the troubled southern state would finally jump, or be pushed out of Europe. This has not materialised so far, however, and those waiting for a dramatic final act in … Read more A Look at the Major Currency Pairs

The week ahead for Sterling exhange rates

With the situation in Greece still surrounding the headlines, regular readers of our report and also any other news article from the past few months will know that they are in about as much trouble as the (current) FIFA president Sepp Blatter. Greece have to repay a total of €17.1 billion to the IMF, the … Read more The week ahead for Sterling exhange rates

Greece running out of time

Will Greece make their repayments? GBP/EUR and GBP/USD rates were both fairly active yesterday considering there were no data releases of note. GBP/EUR reached a high of 1.4169 shortly before dropping down to the day low of 1.4080. GBP/USD rates seemed to gradually fall throughout the day, opening at a high of 1.5475 and hitting … Read more Greece running out of time

UK election strengthens pound

UK election strengthens pound As all signs pointed towards a hung parliament leading up to last week’s general election, the public and media were shocked when exit polls pointed to an overall Conservative majority. The markets reacted accordingly with the pound strengthening against a number of its counterparts, and rose to a three week high … Read more UK election strengthens pound

Sterling Breaks €1.40 and $1.50

Friday saw the pound make decent gains against its two main counterparts, the euro and the US dollar, despite no data releases of note. The movement was merely a continuation of the trends set earlier in the week, with the usual suspects, Greece, the election and potential monetary policy changes dictating market movement. The pound … Read more Sterling Breaks €1.40 and $1.50

Wholesale Sales bring down CAD

21st April 2015 Oil prices lifting the Loonie This morning the Canadian Dollar started to gain against a host of major currencies including the USD, GBP and EUR before dropping back this afternoon. In todays report let’s look at what is causing the exchange rates to move and how to get the best exchange rates. The … Read more Wholesale Sales bring down CAD

GBP/CHF SNB maintain ‘overvalued’ stance

GBP/CHF SNB maintain ‘overvalued’ stance The pound has been subjected to a volatile week whilst the franc and SNB continue to maintain their stance that their currency is overvalued. Over the course of the last two weeks the pound has gone from a high of 1.4206 against the euro and 1.5138 against the franc respectively … Read more GBP/CHF SNB maintain ‘overvalued’ stance

Uncertainty moving the markets

Tuesday 17th March 2015 Uncertainty moving the markets It was a fairly slow day on the currency markets yesterday with GBP/EUR and GBP/USD rates both moving within a range of around one cent. It was a quiet day on the data release front with no major releases of note, so a stagnant day was seemingly … Read more Uncertainty moving the markets