CAD exchange rates

Written by: Richard Beaumont T: 01442 892 060 CAD exchange rates effected by oil price recovery The Canadian economy, along with other commodities reliant countries have been suffering for some time with the low oil and energy prices. Oil is Canada’s largest export and since the price of oil has dropped below $28 a barrel in January, the price of the … Read more CAD exchange rates

GBP/AUD Falls to 9-Month Low

James Baxter Senior Currency Broker T: 01442 892 062 E: [email][email protected][/email] GBP/AUD Drops to 1.95 Monday saw the pound drop to its lowest level in 9 months against the Australian dollar, suffering its worst daily loss in 6 years. The GBP/AUD had been trading comfortably above $2 for most of last year but has recently … Read more GBP/AUD Falls to 9-Month Low

GBP/AUD breaks key $1.90 level

GBP/AUD touches 11 month high The Australian dollar hit an 11 month low against sterling and a fresh 4 year low against the US dollar on Friday, as comments in an interview given by the governor of the Reserve Bank of Australia sent the Aussie down against its main counterparts. In the wake of these comments, the … Read more GBP/AUD breaks key $1.90 level

GBP/AUD rises to $1.85

Choppy week for GBP/AUD It’s been a fairly volatile week for the sterling/aussie cross, with rates rising up into the $1.85s for the first time since early November. Against the US dollar the Australian dollar has recovered slightly, having recently hit a four and a half year low. The slight rebound in oil prices on … Read more GBP/AUD rises to $1.85