GBP/AUD Rises After Kiwi Rate Cut

GBP/AUD Trading Above $2 The GBP/AUD rose to trade above $2 again on Thursday after the Reserve Bank of New Zealand announced a 25 basis point cut to their interest rate, weakening the Kiwi dollar and dragging the Aussie down in the process. It was the first rate cut by the Kiwi central bank in … Read more GBP/AUD Rises After Kiwi Rate Cut

GBP/AUD Rises Further

GBP/AUD Rises – Aussie at 7-Month Low vs. USD The inverse relationship between AUD and USD has pushed the struggling Aussie lower as positive US data continues to strengthen the Greenback, with investors favouring the US currency over the Australian unit. As a result, GBP/AUD is trading at 1.86 and AUD/USD is currently sitting at … Read more GBP/AUD Rises Further