Canada lowers interest rates

GBP/CAD over 2.0 after Canada lowers interest rates The Sterling to Canadian Dollar cross has already had a good run this week with exchange rates climbing dramatically. Today we saw them rise further as the Bank of Canada Governor, Stephen Poloz, announced they have cut its interest rates from 0.75% to 0.5%, slashing the countries economic … Read more Canada lowers interest rates

Canadian Dollar exchange rates

Canadian Dollar exchange rates It was a slow start to the week as far as data is concerned but as the Greek issues unfold, following the weekends negotiations, we still saw some volatility in the exchange rates. Monday morning the Sterling to Canadian Dollar exchange rates started the week trading around 1.93. This was short lived as Sterling strengthened throughout the day … Read more Canadian Dollar exchange rates

Latest Sterling to Canadian Dollar movements and forecasts

Sterling benefits from Euro weakness At the end of last week we saw Sterling gain ground on the Canadian Dollar. This was partly due to poor Canada data failing to hit the forecasts and predictions but a lot of the rate movement was actually to do with events elsewhere. It was at the end of last … Read more Latest Sterling to Canadian Dollar movements and forecasts