CHF still stong amid global uncertainty

In times of global economic turmoil funds flood into the relative safety of stable currencies like the USD, CHF and YEN. With instability in the Middle East continuing, the CHF has continued to strengthen against the pound. Technical levels for GBPCHF remain at 1.5000 support and resistance at 1.5400. When the US bombing campaign in … Read more CHF still stong amid global uncertainty

GBPCHF dips slightly

GBPCHF dips slightly GBPCHF has remained fairly range bound this week with rates dropping to the bottom of the current trading range after worse than expected UK data stumbled the pounds run of good form. The SNB (Swiss National Bank) still has in place a ceiling to prevent the Swiss Franc strengthening uncontrollably with the … Read more GBPCHF dips slightly

GBPCHF tests resistance at 1.5250 but fails to breach key level

Over the last couple of weeks GBPCHF has been pulled from pillar to post off of the back of a variety of data release from both the UK and Switzerland.   The big movers and shakers over the last few weeks have been Mark Carney, hinting at a potential UK interest rate rise earlier than … Read more GBPCHF tests resistance at 1.5250 but fails to breach key level

GBP/CHF Touches 1.51

Sterling Strengthens After Retail Sales Data   GBP/CHF rates touched the 1.51 mark on Wednesday after better retail sales data from the UK pushed the pound up to fresh highs against the franc, euro and other major currencies. Sterling has been on a strong run of late as better economic data suggests the UK economy … Read more GBP/CHF Touches 1.51

GBP/CHF Rises After Better UK Unemployment Data

Sterling Strengthens as UK Unemployment Drops Below 7% The pound has gained strength across the board this morning as the Office for National Statistics revealed on Wednesday morning that unemployment in the Uk had dropped to a five-year low. As a result, sterling gained around 0.3% against the swiss unit on Wednesday morning. The graph … Read more GBP/CHF Rises After Better UK Unemployment Data

GBP/CHF Remains Rangebound

GBP/CHF has been trading within a fairly narrow range over the last few days with little data from either currency zone. If anything, the Swiss unit has strengthened slightly against sterling after Switzerland released better retail sales and unemployment data. The graph below shows GBP/CHF movement over the last week. The release of Swiss retail … Read more GBP/CHF Remains Rangebound