Greece vote ‘NO’

The much awaited Greek referendum took place yesterday and the Greeks have quite surprisingly voted ‘NO’ to the current bailout offer that was on the table. Although this was a highly anticipated event on the currency markets it did little to affect the euro, with the single currency dropping 0.5% against the pound and 0.4% … Read more Greece vote ‘NO’

Pound/Euro rates near €1.40

Pound/Euro rates near €1.40 The Eurozone quantitative easing programme kicked off yesterday with the ECB buying back 1trillion euros worth of bonds from its member states. ECB president Mario Draghi is hoping the plan will have similar effects as the ones introduced by the Bank of England and Federal Reserve arguing, “We have already seen … Read more Pound/Euro rates near €1.40

Sterling trumps counterparts after run of good data

Pound makes gains as wage growth continues Data released yesterday helped to dismiss underlying concerns that the UK economy was slowing down and suffering a knock-on effect from the situation in the eurozone. The day kicked off with average earnings, claimant count change and unemployment rate releases all improving on forecasts. Wage growth in the … Read more Sterling trumps counterparts after run of good data