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FX Hedging Strategies


Understanding your risk

FX risk effects importers and exporters of goods and services alike. It is vital you understand how different types of risk affect your business at each stage of the process. Not accounting for FX risk can have disastrous consequences. Understanding what moves markets and analysis of your company’s exposure are the initial stages in establishing a bespoke treasury management strategy.

Create bespoke strategy

Foremost Markets work with our clients to develop a strategy by looking at a number of different factors:

    • Our client’s appetite for risk


  • FX market conditions
  • Cash flow



Once all factors have been taken into consideration, Foremost Markets will propose a bespoke solution for our clients, utilising products from a wide range of FX tools available to us.

Execute the strategy

Because the decision to implement a chosen strategy will be based upon timely factors, live forecasting and outside influences effecting our client’s business at that time it is critical to have efficient and effective implementation. This will minimise risk and protect the company from any short term market volatility.

Ongoing strategy management

Because the FX market is always moving, any strategy will need to be reviewed and balanced on an ongoing basis. Foremost Markets analyse risks affecting client’s business and assess clients hedging strategy against those risks, making adjustments where required.

FX options can carry a high level of risk and may not be appropriate and/or suitable for everyone. For a copy of our terms and conditions please contact Tom Hampton on 01442 892060.

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