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  1. We give you better rates than your high street bank
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  3. Dedicated personable broker
  4. Outstanding market knowledge
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“I had to transfer money over to France to buy a house. It seemed very daunting at the beginning as I had never done this before but the whole process was easy, stress free and always very friendly. I still use this service regularly to pay for the building work and everything is done quickly and efficiently, with the best exchange rates available.”

Agnes Groleau, UK

David Bayliss is a Currency Broker who has been working at Foremost Currency Group since April 2014.

With over three years’ experience in the financial services industry and five years in customer facing roles, David offers a friendly and knowledgeable service to his ever growing customer base.

His customers often comment on how he explains complex financial transactions in a way they find it easy to understand whilst striving to get the best exchange rate possible on each trade.

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about the Foremost Currency Group

For over 13 years Foremost Currency Group has helped over 20,000 customers move money abroad for the purchase or sale of their overseas property. We work hard on your behalf to ensure your money transfers tie in with your property deposit, final payments or renovation costs.

We are committed to shaking up currency exchange by operating in a smarter, leaner and more efficient way, passing the savings onto you and getting you a better rate; every time you trade.

We pride ourselves on delivering a personal service, so you can say goodbye to answer phone machines and impersonal service and say hello to your new dedicated broker.

Foremost Currency Group committed to working on your behalf to get you the very best deal possible.

Live Exchange Rates

The graphs on this page are dynamic. You can move your mouse pointer to any part of the graph to view the underlying data, such as an exchange rate at a given time.

You can also click and drag between two points on a graph to zoom in on a particular time frame. Just double click anywhere on the graph to zoom out again.

We work in partnership with Baker & Woods in delivering first class currency exchange service. Our Baker & Woods dedicated currency broker David Bayliss is available to speak to you on +44 (0) 1442 892060

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