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How do bespoke events company Oliver Myles use our services?

Luxury Rallies

Oliver Myles (a corporate hospitality company) owned by Melanie Gibson-Walsh, and her business partner Alan Philips, host bespoke events and popular hospitality occasions. The event that Oliver Myles is most known for, is their Luxury Rallies. These take place twice a year all around Europe for private clients to experience car rallies on another level.

Luxury Rallies offers a seven night trip, visiting five European countries, with a stay of one night in each country, twice a year.

In each country, private clients race their premium, luxury cars round tracks. Due to the rallies visiting lots of different countries throughout Europe, this means that Melanie needs currency to pay all her suppliers – this could be hotels, agents, restaurants or transport. Many of the countries that the rallies visit use the euro, but some rallies visited Switzerland (so Swiss francs were required) and there are plans to visit Prague in 2016 (so Czech Crown will be required). As Oliver Myles is a UK based company, this means that Melanie would have to find a way to exchange currency.

Melanie knew that she would have to exchange currency to be able to pay her suppliers, but a bank was proving more difficult, especially as at times she would need more than one currency at the same time.

Our expertise in FX exchange has helped Melanie manage the foreign payment side of her business efficiently, saving her money and time. Melanie found that we were easier to use than banks as it isn’t all online and you speak to your own dedicated broker – no automated calls. Melanie liked that she could phone up and get advice on whether to buy currency or not or even be contacted to tell her when the best time is. Melanie also liked that she could always speak to her Account Manager, David Worthington, and he would give her helpful advice. But she also found that David was genuinely interested in her business and wanted to know how she was getting on. In the event that David wasn’t in the office or available for any reason, it was nice to know that her call would be picked up quickly and that someone else could always help.

Melanie has found using Foremost Currency Group so much easier than using banks as David is “fantastic, knowledgeable and professional”, as Foremost Currency Group makes transferring currency easy for her by doing everything, including risk checks of the suppliers she will be dealing with, so she knows that it is safe to use them. She has been dealing with us for a long time and many of her supplies are the same, it is easy to transfer money as the details of most of her suppliers are on account. Melanie wouldn’t have got this level of personal service if she had used a bank, stating that our “service levels are really good!”

David also helps Melanie buy euros when the rate is good, so that she can hold them on file, meaning that this can improve the margin for the rallies, making it a very beneficial service factor for her.

Melanie personally met David at Networking, so she finds it great to be able to work with someone she knows, and this makes her feel more comfortable in using Foremost Currency Group to transfer currency for her.

The future for Oliver Myles and Luxury Rallies involves continuing the rallies, by coming up each year with new destinations, such as Prague in 2016 and Barcelona in 2017, giving the rallies new and exciting routes for the huge number of private clients. This is important, as the rallies attract a large number of repeat clients, with next year’s rallies already including 50% being repeat clients.

Goodwood 1Another part of Oliver Myles involves staff incentives, which can include a range of creative ideas in the UK, Europe and further afield, such as taking people to the Formula 1 Monaco Grand Prix. This means that Oliver Myles will need to exchange currency for these events too, showing that Melanie, Alan and Oliver Myles get great use out of the services Foremost Currency Group can provide.

Melanie and Alan would recommend our services to others looking to exchange currency, due to the professional, personal, knowledgeable and dedicated service Foremost Currency Group and their traders give.


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