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Transfer options

Whatever transfer option you choose, you can always be sure of great rates, expert insight and excellent customer service.


Spot contract

If you need to make a transfer now, a spot contract will get your money where it needs to be swiftly and securely.

Arrange spot transfers online or over the phone with our currency experts.


Forward contract

If you aren’t ready to make a transfer now but you want to protect yourself against future market movements, use a forward contract to fix the rate for up to two years.

Simply pay a 10% deposit when you book the contract and transfer the rest of the funds when you’re ready*.

*While fixing a rate would mean you'd miss out if the exchange rate suddenly strengthened, you'd be protected from any negative shifts.


Regular transfers

With our Overseas Regular Payment Plan (ORPP) you can automate recurring transfers, secure a great exchange rate and pay far less in transfer fees than charged by other providers.


Limit order

Use a limit order to target an exchange rate higher than the current market level. Set the rate you want to achieve and your transfer will take place automatically if the market moves to that level.


Stop loss order

Set a worst-case rate with a stop loss order and your transfer will be triggered if the market falls to that level.

This service means you can hold out for a better rate but know you’re protected from a sudden slump in exchange rates.

Ready to get started?

As soon as you’ve opened an account you’ll be able to check live exchange rates, set rate alerts, add recipients and access our range of transfer services.

Create an account in a couple of minutes online or give us a call on: +44 (0)1442 892060

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