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Why Foremost Currency Group?

Emigrating? Purchasing a holiday home in the sun? There are so many things to consider when buying property abroad that it’s easy to overlook many of the important, but far less exciting, aspects of the purchase, such as finding the best place to buy foreign currency. Commissions and charges will bite into your budget and currency exchange rates are constantly fluctuating, so knowing how to transfer your money abroad securely and how to get the best value from your currency exchange can save you a significant amount of money.

Open a personal or business foreign currency account with Foremost Currency Group and you will have access to fantastic exchange rates, expert forex brokers and super-fast worldwide international money transfers. Smarter trades. Bigger savings. Helping you make the most of your currency.

Get the Best Currency Exchange Rates
Banks are good at many things. Foreign currency exchange isn’t one of them. It’s a peripheral service that requires knowledge of the market and an ability to react quickly. Foremost Currency Group can help you access better currency exchange rates than your high street bank – which means big savings on big purchases. If you’re looking for the best place to buy foreign currency and save money, you’ve come to the right place!

Secure Foreign Exchange
We are authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority for the issuing of electronic money under the Electronic Money Regulations 2011 [FRN 900204]. All customer funds are held in segregated client accounts with Barclays PLC. This means your money is always safe with us. For more information on the steps we take to protect your foreign transactions, please visit our Foreign Exchange Security page.

Dedicated Forex Broker
A friendly office staffed by personable, professional forex brokers who always pick up the phone. You won’t get bounced from pillar to post, and you’ll speak directly to your own dedicated currency broker every time you trade.

Low Transfer Charges
Some high street banks charge up to £40 per transfer. Outrageous. Transfer money abroad on a regular basis and that soon adds up. Transfer funds with Foremost Currency Group, on the other hand, and we won’t charge you a penny on transactions over £50,000, and just £10 on smaller exchanges. If you need to make regular currency transfers, then you can enjoy a special discounted fee of just £8.50. That’s why we’re the best place to buy foreign currency and transfer money abroad.

No Commission
Go to the bank and straight off the bat they’ll charge you as much as 2% commission, every time you make a transaction. With Foremost Currency Group, you won’t be charged a penny in compensation. That’s right, nothing. It’s not even a contest. So open a personal foreign currency account today and start saving money on foreign currency exchange.

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