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Price of CAD rises

Richard Beaumont - Price of CAD risesWritten by:
Richard Beaumont
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Today we have seen the sterling to Canadian dollar exchange rates fall away from highs well over 1.63 to recent lows of 1.622.

If you have an up and coming CAD purchase, this has made it more expensive for you. Using a specialist currency broker like Foremost Currency Group can not only help you achieve a much better exchange rate but we can be your eyes and ears in the currency markets. Your dedicated Foremost Currency Group account manager can keep you aware of any up and coming events that may affect the amount you pay for you currency.

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GBP/CAD exchange rate graph

GBP/CAD exchange rate graph

Manufacturing boost for Canada

Today we saw the first meaningful Canadian data of the week in the form of the latest Manufacturing sales. These were forecast to show good growth of 1.4% but when the actual figures came in at 2.3%, the GBP/CAD exchange rates fell away.

This coupled with a raft of positive data from the US (Canada’s largest customer) has helped strengthen the Loonie, as it tends to track the USD.

Chance of UK interest rate declines

The pound found strength recently when there were hints of an interest rate rise. With the latest inflation and wage growth figures, the chances of a rate hike have declined and the pound has fallen off the back of this news.

Buying Canadian Dollars

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